Saturday, May 14, 2011

Werther's Original Hard Candies

Despite the fact that my friends make fun of me for being an "old lady" I really love Werther's candies.  I had to do a watercolor piece with food as the subject and I thought that Werther's would be a fun subject.  I had a hard time with the wrapper until my teacher pointed out that I should try using liquid friskit as covering to create the reflective wrapper.
Watercolor on watercolor illustration board

The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha

One of the assignments in my Illustration Media class was to do a portrait of an old movie star or musician.  My teacher is a big believer in research, and that sometimes people rely too much on the internet, so we also had to find the reference from a book.  I ended up looking in a book of Orson Welles' movie collection and found a really great photo of Fransisco Reiguera as Don Quixote.

Oil rub; full value pencil rendering, spray fixed, with oil paint rubbed over it, then Prisma colored pencils over that.
I am I, Don Quixote, 
The Lord of la Mancha, 
My destiny calls and I go, 
And the wild winds of fortune 
Will carry me onward, 
Oh whithersoever they blow! 

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Glass is Half Full of Alcohol

My final project in Graphic Design was a poster assignment.  We had to work off of the phrase "the glass is half full."  I was inspired by Louise Fili, specifically the color palette in her book Euro Deco: Graphic Design Between the Wars.  The font is Seaside Resort which I fount at tagged under the "Art Deco" section.  I had to carefully tread the line between staying positive and being an alcohol advertisement, but I think I managed.
Adobe Illustrator 5